Million Dollar Hair Hacks


Get personal advice on how to treat, care for and style your hair from one of Australia’s leading hair stylists.

‘Million Dollar Hair Hacks really is the ultimate guide to great hair.’  - Rita Hazan, Hairdresser to Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. 

We all love the way we feel when we walk out of the hair salon... Fresh, feminine and fabulous. 

But what if you could learn all the tricks of the trade and create that same ‘salon fresh’ hair from home?

You don’t need a formal qualification, or even any on site training…. And the tips and tricks you can learn are so simple and clear, anyone can pick them up. 

In his new book, Million Dollar Hack Hacks, Sydney hairstylist Andi Asmaro is sharing all of the industry secrets. 

Packed with practical, specific and ultra-clear advice, Million Dollar Hair Hacks covers all hair types… so whether your hair is long, short, thick, frizzy, brittle or dry - you will be empowered with the confidence to level up your hair game, and master your own hair from home.

From hair health to five minute styles and glamorous up dos, the book leaves no stone unturned.

Million Dollar Hair Hacks  - the Ultimate Hair Guide 

The mega 200 page bible covers 365 tried and tested tips for all hair types. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why scalp care is the foundation for good hair
  • How to best blow dry bangs 
  • What sprays and fixers are worth the hype
  • How to tame frizzy hair 
  • What a hair emergency is - and how you can remedy it
  • How to properly nourish your hair 
  • All about extensions: what to get and why 
  • How to add volume and create big hair
  • What styles best suit your face shape 
  • How accessories can make - or break - a style 

Andi also teaches you how to create different hair styles from home - from simple sophistication to ultimate glamour. He uses a step-by-step process and clear pictures to teach you how to create: 

  • Hollywood hair
  • The perfect ponytails 
  • The chic ‘messy hair’
  • Glamorous upstyles

Andi also understands that the key to good hair is good hair health. 

Million Dollar Hair hacks covers this in detail, dishing out all the dos and don'ts to help you achieve the strong, healthy hair you’ve always wanted. 

He’ll even disclose the exact products he recommends and what to look for when choosing a hairdresser for yourself.

The book finishes with a whole chapter from the heart…. Andi opens up and passes along his personal advice gained from years of industry experience.