About Andi Asmaro

It was in a small, cozy apartment in the busy streets of Baghdad when Andi Asmaro first picked up a hairbrush to style his family member’s hair.

He was just eight years old, and he knew from then on that he was going to be a hair stylist. Fast forward almost 20 years, and Andi Asmaro has become one of the most talked about hair stylists in Sydney.
Working with brides, models, influencers and brands, he is fast becoming the source of inspiration for industry professionals around the world.   
Fuelled by passion for the art of hair, Andi’s goal is to make women feel glamorous and confident.

But he knows that while passion is important, a strong skill set is paramount.
It’s for this reason that Andi keeps his finger on the pulse - constantly developing and refining his skills with education, training and practice.

His elevated taste and killer eye for style means that he is committed to learning a range of techniques and tools to ensure he keeps up with the latest styles.
And he recognises good hair for what it is... a piece of art.